Meet Brody Lee

CEO of Beyond Impact

Brody Lee is a philanthropist, a story teller and a serial entrepreneur. He loves helping business owners like you scale their impact with inspiring and immersive events. He’s also pretty good at helping entrepreneurs to scale their income so that they can contribute to worthy causes they care deeply about.

Beyond Impact Group

What if every time we do business, something good happens in the world?

Brody is the founder of 5 impact driven companies that make up the Beyond Impact Group: a multimillion dollar organisation committed to helping entrepreneurs create world class events. He has helped over 300 businesses scale their businesses using the power of immersive sales events and boasts a success rate of 75 times the industry average. Brody’s clients have generated over $100m in revenue while contributing over 3 million individual impacts across the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the past 20 years, Brody and his team have run over 1200 live events. Past clients include Apple, Fox Studios, Nintendo, Nickelodeon, Hasbro and Better Homes & Gardens to name a few.

In a former life he ran large events for Apple in Canada. He coached and trained their executive, leadership and retail teams while supporting the market to grow from a $500 million to $750 million a year. After freezing his butt off in sub-zero temperatures he returned to Australia to help Apple pilot new market initiatives before deployment across 500 stores globally.


Some fun stuff about Brody you might not know.

In 2017 he almost lost his life, but we’ll let him tell you about that because it’s a pretty wild story.

Brody is an avid traveller, a terrible surfer and once ordained as a Buddhist monk in Burma. He's going to Space. Three times. And this year he will be getting his wings back - learning to fly planes again after an 18 year hiatus.

Brody is on a mission to inspire billions with powerful, life changing events. He is working to end hunger, end sex trafficking, tackle climate change and provide every person on the planet with clean drinking water through his charitable foundation Impact Give.


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B1G1 Business for Good Awards. 2020

Here's a keynote speech Brody did in 2020 for the B1G1 Business For Good Awards.